Silvânio was killed on the sidewalk

Santana Silvânio Jose da Silva, 27 years, collector of alternative transportation, was killed on the night of Friday, 9 in Rio Largo scams, with several knife Peixeira. The main suspect, according to the aunt of the victim,’s own father-in-law.

Silvânio, was arrested in delegacia the city for having beaten his wife, known only by Fabiana, with whom he lived for some years. The two, according to witnesses brigavam much, a fact that is repeated often, said one resident of the city who did not want to be identified. On Tuesday (6), Jose Silvânio, was released today does not restrained and once again left for assaulting his wife.

The victim’s aunt, Ana Lucia da Silva Paulino, 25 years, the report said that the main suspect is the father-in-law of Jose Silvânio. “I knew the people here that it was father-in-law who did this, I do not know his name, but it was revenge that was pick up the daughter of my nephew,” she said.

The delegate from Rio Largo, Jobson Cabral of Santana’s who vai investigate the case. The body of Joseph Silvânio was forwarded to the IML.


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  • Posted: February 7, 2016 23:20


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