Killed in the pedradas Bom Parto

Ivanildo Jorge Filho, 24 years, or simply “Xaropinho”, was a young man who had everything to be a great instrumentalist, but decided joining marginality. Xaropinho played tambourine as anyone, including came to play abroad, but the pace he was chosen by another, instead of rhythm of the samba, the failure of drugs.
Deep knowledge of the underworld of marginality, had passages by the main specialized departments of our capital, and Stealing Furtos, the Suppression Drugs, Children, to name a few.
But the show had its order on the evening of Sunday, and the beats of tambourine, the heart of “Xaropinho” also stopped, he was killed, inhumanely, by two elements, which took a “failure” of Xaropinho and killed with Several pedradas in the head.
“A scene of horror” talked a moradora of Bom Parto, where did it. The sergeant Lucivânio of 4 ° BPM was in place and said that nobody wanted to talk about it.

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