Jose Francisco had his skull crushed

Another murder was recorded in the capital alagoana. An unemployed Jose Francisco Soares da Silva, 29, was murdered just now in the neighborhood of Jacintinho. He was murdered the pedradas.
According to the soldier Siderlane, 1 st Battalion of the PM, the victim was driving home to a sister, who lives in the neighborhood. The crime happened in Laranjeiras Street, a few meters from the residence of the sister, the domestic Gilvânia Maria Soares da Silva.
“The popular here the place not said much, but heard a gunshot and that a group of men climbed the ladder running,” explained the military. Jose Francisco was killed with several blows of parallelepiped that were being used to wedge the street. The military stressed that the victim lived in the neighborhood of Trapiche and was in Jacintinho the tour. “The sister told us he had some ‘broncas’ here in the neighborhood and have been advised not to come here. How just is not obeyed murdered, “he said.
Now, a team of the Institute of Criminalistics (CI) is on site conducting the first investigations. “Just know if he was also victimized by a shot after the work of expertise,” he stressed Siderlane.
The case will be investigated by staff of 9 of DP, after the closure of the strike of civilian police.

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