Fabinho was killed with four shots

The Police recorded earlier, a murder in Rio Largo, the victim was Fabio Junior Correia dos Santos, 18 years, reported the second Cape Rômulo of 8 ° Battalion, Fabinho, as was known, was attracted to a “cocó” (attract the victim to the dark) which was executed with four shots.
The crime happened around the 20h in the Kill Street, Lawrence from Albuquerque in Rio Largo.
This was the fourth attempt to murder against Fabinho, at other times, he escaped in the third attempt, the elements that came kill him, not the goal, decided to kill his father, Edvaldo Freire dos Santos, 60, years.
The victim had already passages by CRM, former Febem, and was the fugitive Presidio Ciridião Durval, where he met penalty for drug trafficking. The case will be cleared by Delegate Jobson Cabral de Santana, from Rio Largo.

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