Drunk driver

Driver was drunk and fell up the slope without control

An accident at km 181 of the BR-101 near the town of Mitchell, took the lives of two people: Mélvio Pastorio, 27 years, gaucho who lived in Arapiraca, and another person identified only as Nildo, also of Arapiraca. The two were in a Celtic of red, MUS-9902 plate of Arapiraca, returning to the land of smoke when the driver lost control of the car and hit the front with a truck that carried oranges.
According to witnesses, the occupants of the Celtic were embriagados. The Federal Traffic Police found several cans of beer inside the car. Mélvio, the driver, was driving and taking beer and died even with the can in the mouth. According to Sergeant Ademir, the Fire Brigade of Arapiraca, Mélvio has exposed fractures in both legs and damage to the face. The fire took more than one hour for the withdrawal of the body of the driver inside the car. “He was arrested with their feet on the pedal, we had to use the desencarcerador to facilitate our work,” said the sergeant.
Mélvio was owner of two churrascarias, one in San Sebastian and another in Arapiraca – in the Post Gaucho. He was preparing for the inauguration of a new Barbecue on the banks of the BR-101, where he died.

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