Double murder in Vergel, man and woman murdered

A double homicide, handled the Vergel of the Lake District on the night of Friday. Nelson Silva Martins, 40, was in his car, a goal of red, MUO 7092/AL plate, with three more women, one child, when stopped the car near the bus terminal at the Village Kenedy, was killed with several fire, which affected mainly the head.
The three women who were inside the car, left running, towards Cape Street Kings, but the two men who were in a motorcycle wanted more, one of them, dropped the bike and achieved Ana Paula Bastos, age not disclosed, and known as “cake” and fired several shots against it, we still tried to run, but he died on top of the seat of the terminal.
The crime has shocked the population of the district, and drew the attention of those who passed, the double murder happened just after the game between the CRB and Portuguese Trapichão.
The reasons, are still unknown to police, according to Sergeant Joab, 1 st Battalion, the lowest was collected for the Deplan 1, which was give evidence, but the other woman who was in the car, disappeared.

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