Criminals kill the driver and passenger and leave a woman injured

What would be a routine trip in the life of Antonio Gama de Queiroz, 50, owner and driver of the van plate MUZ 3821, which made the additional transport of passengers in Maceio sentence – Santana do Ipanema, turned into tragedy on the afternoon of today.
Antonio came from Miami to Santana do Ipanema when, around the 13h40, stopped on a point of buses in the city of Satuba and was approached by two men on a motorcycle. The men stopped next to the car and made several shots caliber revolver, 38 against the driver.
Anthony was hit with five shots to the head. A passenger who was down in point, Helio Borges, 24, resident of Satuba, was hit in the ear by one of the shots. Both died on the spot.Another passenger, Maria de Lourdes da Silva, 28, moradora of Santana, was seriously injured in the face and is already at the Emergency Coordination of Alagoas (Coemal). The owner of the van lay in the street Benício Bentes de Barros, No 25 in Santana do Ipanema.
The weather was revolt and commotion among the inhabitants of Satuba that accompanied the work of expertise. According to information collected on the spot, the target of bandits was the driver of the van. Helium Borges was killed with a bullet missed.
“Here everyone knew the Helium. He was professor of the School Hall Josefa da Silva Costa and was finishing the course of history in Ufal. He was a boy of gold, and was killed because it was on time and in the wrong place “, stated one of the city residents who chose not to identify.
Again according to moradora, shortly before being murdered the professor called for the mother, and resident in Satuba, and said he hoped for lunch. “We want justice. Helium was using headphones or earphones at the time it was killed. He died without knowing why not. ”
The family of the driver of the van did not want to talk to the story, but the police Josias, Trim, Satuba, said family members said they did not have Antonio Borges enmities. The police, which was the first to arrive on the scene of the crime, added that a van carrying about eight passengers, among them a child, that would be nephew of the driver.
The Legal Medical Institute (IML) arrived on the scene of the crime around 15.30. The bodies will be released for burial after the autopsy. The vehicle was also forwarded to the office of Satuba, which should investigate the crime.

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