Brothers are murdered in the Favela of Coca-Cola

The Military Police (PM) now registered to a double murder occurred just in Favela of coca-cola in the neighborhood of the Board of Martins. A man on a motorcycle fired several shots from gun against two couples.
The brothers Lawrence Ivanildo Jose de Souza, 23 and Irailson Lawrence de Souza, 22, was killed with several shots, fired 38 caliber revolver in various regions of the bodies. They were executed in Rua Governor Luiz Cavalcante, in the Favela of Coca-Cola.
According to information from witnesses, repassadas to the police, a man on a motorcycle would be the author of the double murder. “When we come to the site received information that one would have been approximately motoqueiro victims and thrown. The people of the place unable to identify who was the murderer, “explained the cable Gabriel, the 5 th Battalion of the PM. The military said the victims were residents of Santos Dumont and be the home of relatives at the time of the murders.
A team of experts of the Institute of Criminalistics (JI) in this place periciando the bodies to be collected for the Legal Medical Institute (IML) Estácio de Lima, where they will necropisado.

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