“Deluxe Twin Cam Version” Security Guard Beaten To Death With A Bat

Remember that security guard that got beaten to death while sleeping on the job? Well he is still dead, too bad for him. Luckily for us and you we got a hold of some extra camera footage. Which we nicely edited for your viewing pleasure only!

So no repost, more of an addendum for you more literate folks. We know you are out there, maybe not in mass…
“Repost-Shouters” go smoke a sausage and rinse you faul mouth with chlorine or piss!

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  • Posted: June 28, 2016 07:27


    This man literally died in his sleep. Not very gory but definitely a murder/robbery. By the way in certain states in the USA this act would be punished by life in jail or state performed execution.
  • Posted: January 5, 2017 15:10


    Funny how the"bat" has a bend in it. That's because along the core of a prop weapon is a wire to keep the foam rubber in the shape of what the casting is going to be. A real bat would have busted that guts head like a melon. 100% fake. But funny. A for effort.