Pitbull Attacked 5 Year Old Girl

There is a lot that can be said about pitbull’s. I’ll keep it just to the fact that whenever they set their teeth into something they do it to cause mayor damage. That is the sole purpose of the breed; attack and more importantly go for the kill.

This 5 year old girl was just lucky… Lucky enough to get away with some scars after a pitbull attacked her for no reason.
For some reason the dog got “hot” (look it up on google, thats when a pit is ready to fight) and grabbed this young defenseless 5 year old girl full in the face.
Amazing huh, how instincts work. Nature versus nurture at it’s best.

That said.
All you nice people that advocate animals that are only and solely bred to kill, as nice pets.
Before you even start the pointless discussion…. Kiss my bollocks ;-*

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